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Ambrym Island, Vanuatu


16.25 S, 168.12 E
summit elevation 1334 m
Pyroclastic Shield Volcano

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Ambrym Island is the Jewel of the Pacific. The island is located in central Vanuatu, South West Pacific. Explorers to the region in the 1800's were impressed by the majestic islands and dramatic eruptions from Ambrym volcano.

A new eruption occurred at Ambrym volcano in February 2015. Read more...

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ambrym island lava lake
Ambrym Island, Lava lake

Ambrym lava lake 2003 (mbwelesu crater) - John Seach

ambrym volcano vanuatu
John Seach inside Ambrym lava lake crater in 1999

ambrym volcano vanuatu
John Seach inside Ambrym lava lake crater in 1999

John Seach inside Ambrym lava lake crater - no ropes!

ambrym volcano vanuatu
Benbow crater, Ambrym Island 2005

John Seach expedition preparing to enter lava lake crater at Ambrym volcano in 2009.

benbow crater 2002
Inside Benbow crater 2002.

ambrym airport
Ambrym aerodrome

The jungle on Ambrym Island is impressive with tree ferns growing to 10 m high. Beautiful pink orchids thrive in the acid environment close to the craters edge.

John Seach has been leading tours to Ambrym Island for 18 years. John has been to the craters at Ambrym volcano on more than 180 times.

John Seach into the lava lake crater with ropes in 1998, and free climbing (no ropes) into the crater to approach within 60 m of the lava lake surface in 2004.

French explorers were the first to descend into Marum crater using ropes in the 1990's.

There is only one volcano on Ambrym, not two, as incorrectly stated by some people. Marum crater has not erupted in 60 years. Lava lakes regularly appear in Benbow and Mbwelesu craters.

Ambrym Island is triangular in shape, approximately 50 km in diameter. Villages are located on the coast in three regions. Each region is separated by jungle without roads. Motorised canoes travel between west and north Ambrym.

The summit of Ambrym Island contains a desert-like caldera covering an area of 100 sq km. Some walking routes between coastal regions on the island pass over the volcanic caldera. Lower slopes of the volcano contains dense jungle right down to the sea.

Ambrym lava lake - John Seach

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